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Moroccan Craft

Moroccan Craft

Moroccan Craft

Moroccan Craft

Our Moroccan Craft poufs are made by hand in Morocco and we buy them directly from the artisans. We pay the artisans fairly for their work and we are proud to offer fair trade products. We also carry a variety of high-quality leather footstools as well as some vegan pouf options in gold and silver. Our Moroccan Craft pouf ship very fast from United States & Canada. We offer FREE shipping for any order of $100 or more to Canada or the United States. On the other hand, our larger coffee table pouf are made to order and can be customized in any color of your choice.

please get in touch via email for a shipping quote.

Our Tan Leather Pouf is a best seller. Its rich tan leather colour is spot on and looks amazing in a contemporary or bohemian décor. The go-to leather colour if you’re looking to add a cozy element to your living room. Our vegan Gold leather pouf are super popular for nursery decor and we personally think they’ll add magic to any room of your house.

Here at Moroccan Craft, we love leather, we love rugs and we love textile. We live to be inspired and to inspire. We hand-pick the most wonderful Moroccan handmade rugs with the goal to make your home a happy and wonderful place to live your life. Colors make us smile and if your home could speak.

Our collection of Moroccan Handmade pouf, colourful baskets and other delightful treasures are handmade objects in Morocco. Moroccan Pouf, an online boutique, was established in 2007 in Morocco, Marrakesh, Online Handmade Shop in Morocco. We ship worldwide.

Moroccan Pouf : Everyone knows the rich culture and the numerous ancestral talents of the craftsmen in the mountains, the plains, the cities of Morocco and in the world. With my family, friends and relatives, we want to promote handmade Moroccan crafts.

We are committed to handcrafting beldy, while remaining open to creative inspiration, to the daring of contemporary design.

We convinced artisans to offer a wide range of high-end products created and hand-made by women and men, cooperatives and artisan groups. These creations are designed by gold hands, combining ancestral know-how and daring designers. We preserve this heritage, like the Kingdom of Morocco which has created an important label in the interest of craftsmen and consumers.

Showcase of the contemporary design and know-how of the Maalams,, is designed as a art Shop where we discover the treasures of basketry, leather, lighting, wool, natural materials in respect of our planet.


Africa, America, Asia or Europe, because we have friends all over the world, we have chosen a showcase ambassador of Moroccan craftsmanship.

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